Dabur herbal toothpaste

Anti Ageing

Anti Ageing

Dabur has recently launched Anti Ageing toothpaste that helps to solve premature dental problems of ageing of teeth and gums. It acts as a panaca to general Oral problems to ensure long term stability.

What is Ageing of teeth ?
Like every part of our body age with time, Teeth also age with time. It occurs with the us age of toothpaste filled with flurides and harmful chemicals. It leads to gradual weakening of gums , daily wear and tear of enamel leading to demineralization affecting the overall stability of teeth.

Why Dabur Herb’l Anti Ageing:
Dabur Herb’l Anti Ageing toothpaste consists of a powerful unique blend of trusted natural herbs fortified with essential minerals and Vitamin E. IT helps to fight 8 signs of Ageing of Teeth as given below.

Unique Benefits :

  • Removes Plaque & control Tartar
  • Whitens Yellowness of teeth
  • Fights tooth decay & Cavities
  • Reduces Sensitivity
  • Prevents Bleeding Gums
  • Avoids Swollen Gums
  • Protects Against Receding Gums
  • Strengthens Teeth from roots