Dabur herbal toothpaste


Sensitivity of Teeth:

Let us first understand , what is sensitivity and what causes them ?

Sensitivity is caused when the enamel weakens and begins to lose essential minerals. This happens when the enamel is constantly exposed to toothpastes containing fluorides and other harmful chemicals. Frequent intake of acidic foods also demineralizes the enamel and teeth.

If left unattended, one develops sensitive teeth that leads to acute pain when exposed to food / drinks served hot or cold.

The introduction of new DaburHerb’l Sensitive toothpaste,helps people having sensitive teeth restore to a strong healthy teeth. The toothpaste with its trusted natural ingredients like cinnamon, mint and licorice root helps fight 7 signs of sensitive teeth.The natural ingredients along with the potassium ions helps fill and block the exposed nerves thereby reducing the exposure to outside objects. Regular usage of DHTP Sensitive toothpaste helps solve the problem of sensitivity !!!

Unique Benefits :

  • Provides relief from sensitivity
  • Helps in strengthening gums
  • Prevents plaque formation
  • Soothes gum inflammation
  • Alleviates tooth decay
  • Provides fresh breath
  • Aids in soothing of gums