Dabur herbal toothpaste



Dabur has come up with an interesting and new concept in Toothpastes that specifically caters to the segment of the population who smoke regularly. They face severe problems in Oral Hygiene in the form of bad breath, hard yellow nicotine stains, tartar etc. The introduction of new DaburHerb’l Smokers toothpaste, helps provide natural solutions to these problems.

With its trusted natural ingredients like mint, salt and blackberry bark it ensures the teeth to remain white, shiny and long lasting. The toothpaste also helps in providing solutions to fight the standard 7 signs of teeth getting affected due to smoking.

Unique Benefits :

On regular brushing with DHTP Smokers toothpaste, it helps to have
  • It helps to fight nicotine stains that leads to tartar
  • Prevents plaque formation
  • Fights germs
  • Helps in Strengthening gums
  • Deep long lasting freshness
  • Extreme whitening
  • Strong and healthy teeth that is long lasting