Dabur herbal toothpaste

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity of Teeth:

Dabur Herb’l has come up with a revolutionary concept and solution for people suffering from tooth sensitivity !! Before getting into the details, let us first understand sensitivity in Oral Care

Sensitivity is caused in effect due to de-mineralisation of teeth leading to weakening of enamel and gums. When our teeth gets exposed to toothpastes containing harmful chemical, filled with fluoride and frequent intake of acidic foods de-mineralisation occurs. This leads to acute pain when in contact with food when served hot or cold.

If left unattended, the exposed nerve endings weakens gums leading to gum recession, bleeding of gums etc.

The introduction of new Dabur Herb’l Sensitive toothpaste,helps people having sensitive teeth to restore to a strong healthy teeth. The toothpaste with its trusted natural ingredients like cinnamon, mint and licorice root helps to fight 7 signs of sensitive teeth. It acts as a de-sensitising agent and helps to manage sensitivity.

The natural ingredients along with the potassium ions helps fill and block the nerve endings thereby reducing the exposure to food particles, water etc.

Regular usage of DHTP Sensitive toothpaste helps solve the problem of sensitivity !!!