Dabur herbal toothpaste

Cavity Protection


Cavity is the result of tooth decay process that happens over time. Tooth decay is caused by certain types of bacteria that use sugars in food and produces the acid. Over time, these acids weaken the enamel and can cause cavities in the tooth.

Solution: Dabur Herb’l clove , with its natural antibacterial properties helps prevent the formation of cavities and tooth decay. It is completely devoid of fluoride and other harmful chemicals.

Unique Benefits :

  • Dabur Herb’l Clove has unique antibacterial properties that helps in Fighting germs and preventing cavities
  • Its antiseptic and analgesic properties helps prevent tooth decay and mainly used for cavity protection
  • Dabur Herb’l Clove has natural astringent like Blackberry bark that strengthens teeth and gums
  • It also acts as natural stimulant that helps to relieve toothache
  • Clove as a variant is extremely beneficial for Oral Care and a popular ingredient in the Arab world