Dabur herbal toothpaste

Gum Care


Gum problem / infection occurs due to inadequate brushing and flossing of teeth. This allows the harmful bacteria to build up between the teeth and gum line. Gradually it leads to inflammation of gums and recession. Excessive use of toothpastes containing fluoride weakens the gums.

Solution: Dabur herb’l Neem, it’s unique blend of natural herbs like Neem, lotur bark helps strengthens gums and prevents gum problems.

Unique Benefits :

  • Dabur Herb’l Neem helps in providing complete gum care in the oral hygiene space
  • Neem extract in the toothpaste acts as an antibacterial agent that fights plaque, harmful bacterial and protects gums
  • The toothpaste along with Neem has other astringents like Lotur bark and Bullet wood to help prevent bleeding and spongy gums
  • This unique formulation with trusted natural herbs ensures strengthening of gums and teeth that is long lasting